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How to fix Facebook Thumbnail in WordPress

How to fix Facebook Thumbnail in WordPress


It’s 2017 and yet, we still need to learn how to fix Facebook Thumbnail sometimes. Whether you’re on WordPress or not, these tips will help you at times images just won’t show up with your linked article.

First thing first, there’s that one crucial thing to work out: how come Facebook messes up with the thumbnail? And why? We searched among Facebook Help debates and this is what we learned.

In most cases, having multiple images with the same tag (og: image) and/or smaller sizes can lead to Facebook Thumbnail errors. In other, missing image tag or caching, issues can make a fuss. Whatever the cause is,  there is a way to fix Facebook Thumbnail in WordPress. And every other platform.

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The magic called Facebook Debugger

printscreen of a facebook debugger tool

It is one of that genius Facebook’s tools that come in handy in cases like this. If you weren’t familiar with it until now, this is how it works. Pretty simple, you’ll master it in no time.

  1. Open Facebook Debugger tool
  2. Paste your post’s URL
  3. Click Debug

What you did by doing these 3 steps is you forced Facebook to update the thumbnail with the image you chose to stand there. If it’s not there, just repeat step 3 until the right image shows up.

Another way to fix Facebook Thumbnail in WordPress is to do it manually. Simply, paste the post’s URL onto your Facebook Page, then choose what image you want to associate with it and that’s it! Just like in this example below:

how to fix facebook thumbnail in wordpress gif example

See how easy is to edit Thumbnail on Facebook?

But, wait, we aren’t done yet. Using WordPress you surely (well, many of you) use SEO by Yoast plugin, right? You simply upload the image from your Media Library in the Facebook meta box, and that image will be Thumbnail image when the article gets shared.

There you have it. The next time you’re in a situation of Facebook Thumbnail mix up, beside the Debugger that resets Facebook cache, there are also two more ways to fix the Facebook Thumbnail image in WordPress. One of them will work for sure, just bookmark this article and let it help you through the debugging process.

rockstar guy with long hair and colored glasses

And, if you think that it’s the theme you’re using making all the problems, check out our Themes category and find a new one that works better! 😉




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