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Why you should invest in a premium WordPress theme for your business

Why you should invest in a premium WordPress theme for your business


Apart from producing quality products and services, every business needs to heavily invest in marketing and branding in order to stay relevant. Having a well-designed website for your business can give you that competitive edge and make you the frontrunner.

On the internet mediocracy can be punished and mocked, and your business reputation can be built and ruined overnight. A website is your home on the web, and a business with a well-designed website that represents your product conveys professionalism and projects confidence.

A good website will suit the needs of your business, and doing this with a premium WordPress theme won’t break the bank.

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Why premium themes always pay off

Your Website is a reflection of your work, so don’t be cheap. There is no need when there are plenty of quality and affordable WordPress themes.

As WordPress themes can be both free and premium, often people are skeptical when it comes to spending money on a WordPress theme. Perhaps the best way to understand the value of premium themes is by considering freemium themes. Freemium themes offer both a free and paid version, and usually when you upgrade to the premium version you realize how functional and well designed that theme actually is.

Great team behind premium themes

WordPress premium themes are usually created by teams of developers, and they include designers, front and back-end developers, as well as lots of dedicated time to just that single theme. On the other hand, free themes are usually created by single developers and lack the advanced options that most premium themes offer.

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Updates and functionality

If you are using a free theme no one can guarantee that when WordPress core or plugins get updated that your theme will be able to support the newest version, which can cause your website to break. Often you can come across problems with being compatible with PHP too, and all of these are essential to make your website functional.

Premium themes in their core code contain a lot of functionality, which otherwise you would have to look for in plugins. It’s better to have it in your theme, so that when updating it you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with all of your plugins, or if your website will look different after the update.

Modular and layout friendly

It’s important to have a modular theme, as well as having a theme that has many layout possibilities. This means you can adapt that theme to your business needs. Premium themes will always have more options and support in this form.

Theme customer support

The beauty of premium themes is they come with a great support network. If you decide to invest in your theme you really won’t be on your own. A great premium theme will have full documentation with it that will guide you step by step in creating your perfect website. You will always have a guide to refer to and if at any point you need help setting up a particular widget or section you can also contact technical support.

Research the industry and find what your website needs

Before picking your WordPress theme, a good way to begin your selection process is to analyze popular websites in your industry. If you are not familiar with the most suited design for your website it can be difficult to know what to look for. Take a note of what other websites in your line of business are using, then take a note of what you like. Large headers? Video focused theme? Lots of whitespace? Get inspired and create a checklist of what you like.

Business WordPress theme essentials

When you have selected your “must haves” for your theme you need to ensure you also have the essentials. To help you pick a WordPress business theme we have come up with a few (or a bit more than a few) essential features to look for that are always worth investing in. If a premium theme has these you can’t go wrong.

  • Responsive design
  • Solid code ensuring your website to load fast and smooth
  • Multiple layouts, branding and color options so you can modify the theme for your needs, without coding knowledge required
  • Compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins to easily extend website functionality beyond original WordPress features

If you are looking for versatile premium WordPress themes that can support your business, have a look at our most popular and all-around theme Voice. It has everything you need to get you started in WordPress and to help you showcase your work.


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