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Cheap WordPress themes – how to get premium quality at low price?

Cheap WordPress themes – how to get premium quality at low price?


Have you ever said to yourself „I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”?

No matter what we look for, when we’re ready to go with the cheap website template option, we always expect lower quality or lower level of service. We have the same approach when it comes to premium WordPress themes. It’s in human nature to underestimate lower price goods, and it is marketers nature to use this. But what if the WP theme we know as premium somehow shows up with a discount? With such a price that you can buy it for as low as 30% off? WordPress themes under $30 or even under $20?  No, it’s not Black Friday, it’s WP Budget.

Since it’s launch in 2008, ThemeForest became the world’s most popular WP theme marketplace. By the end of 2016,  ThemeForest allowed developers to set up their own shop and their own theme prices. Some authors decide to use discount strategy as a promotion or to push sales on some low visible products. Instead of searching for a WordPress coupon code manually among over 11000 themes on ThemeForest, you have a neat tool that automatically checks if an author dropped the theme price.

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WP Budget collects ALL cheap WordPress themes in one place and shows you their original premium price, discounted price and the amount you can save if you purchase. Moreover, the list of discounted WordPress themes is updated daily!

WPBudget helps you to find cheap WordPress themes

To make things even easier, WP Budget provides 47 categories to filter themes and find what you need. And that’s not all.  You can list cheap WordPress themes in four different ways: Recent discount, Most popular, Best rated and Low cost.

You can start your search by selecting a category of your websites like Blog & Magazine or Retail, and then choose an affordable WordPress theme that you prefer. Or, maybe you want to see the most popular themes in this category, those with the lowest price to find a $10 WordPress theme, or themes with the latest discounts. WP Budget allows you to choose a cheap premium theme and to go for live preview directly from the website.

One thing you should know, though. This lowering is valid only for the price, it does not, in any way, affect quality, theme options or support. WP Budget is listing discounted themes, but all privileges you receive from ThemeForest stay intact.

What do we mean by that?

First of all, every theme passed the approval process by ThemeForest team, and it means it is satisfying criteria to be listed. After the theme is listed and available for purchase, the best thing for new buyers is transparency. It’s practically everything written on the product page plus four other snippets of information that are worth considering:

Number of sales — Good themes are always with good sales, and more sales, more resources (and reasons) for a developer to continue updating and improving it;

Ratings —  it comes directly from buyers, and it is important to evaluate both numbers of ratings and final score

Last update time — if some theme updated in a while it is going to have compatibility issues and will have some security vulnerabilities. As well, the long period since the last update can show that nobody is taking care of it anymore and you should not expect some high-quality support

Comments — a good place to look for more detailed buyer opinions and issues they are facing, as well as how developer(s) answer to the customer’s issues.

So you see, all themes on WP Budget lists keep all the ThemeForest benefits including the above-mentioned transparency.  On top of that, support from developers, live preview of the theme and theme/page options, theme updates, etc.

All you need to decide now is what kind of theme you want to buy and to limbo with the price – how low can you go. 😉


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