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Adding custom content

The Johannes theme provides some powerful options for adding custom content to your Home Page.

You can access custom content settings in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page -> General and make sure that you are looking at the following options so you can display Custom content area.

Johannes WordPress Magazine Theme - Adding custom content

If you want to display Custom content, please make sure that the “Eye” icon is set to visible.

If you want to add more custom content areas, you can adjust the number of custom content areas with “Number of custom content sections” slider.

Johannes - Activating Custom content areas

In the previous image, you can see that we have added two Custom content areas and moved them to spots 2 and 3 with the “move” icon.

To access Custom content options, you will need to go one step back (Theme Options -> Front Page) and added Custom content areas should appear in the list of Front Page areas.

Johannes - Custom areas panel

Editing Custom content areas

To access Custom Content settings, you need to click to the desired Custom Content link, and the following settings should appear.

Added custom content Megaphone Theme

From version 1.3 Johannes theme offers two options:

  1. Here – display content from Theme Options (as displayed in the previous image)
  2. Page – display content from any page on your website

Adding content to the Custom content area from any page

If “Page (select any page option)” is selected following options should appear.

Custom content from any page Megaphone WordPress theme

As you can see, we have selected the “Common blocks” page from our demo content, and the following content from the page will be displayed on your front page.

The real power of this option is that you can use it to display content from any page.

With the following functionality, you can include content added by any page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg, WPbakery, Beaver Builder, etc.) or any plugin that is using shortcodes to display its data. So, the sky is the limit 🙂

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