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Change log

Version 1.4.1

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.0 (yes, it’s safe update your theme)
  • Gallery post format compatibility with WP 5.9+
  • Fixed: Gallery popup option not working in WP 5.9+

Version 1.4

  • WordPress 5.8 compatibility tweaks (yes,you can update your theme)
  • Several onpage SEO tweaks (added noopener tag to several target=”_blank” attributes)
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues

Version 1.3.3

  • Combo layouts on pagination
  • Cart and Checkout page sidebar global option owerride
  • WP 5.7 Gutenberg editor font size problem

Version 1.3.1

  • WP 5.5 Compatibility tweaks
  • RTL sidebar fix and severals CSS styling issues

Version 1.3

  • Power Add: Users can pick and add more Custom areas (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page -> General -> Number of custom content sections )
  • Power Add: Users can display content from desired page inside Custom area (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page -> Custom content -> Pull custom content from )
  • Power Add: Users can display WooCommerce products on Front Page (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page -> WooCommerce Products )
  • Two new single post layouts (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Single Post -> Layout 6 & 7)
  • New featured posts layout (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page -> Featured Posts -> Layout F )
  • Display content from any Custom Post Type
  • RankMath breadcrumbs support (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Misc. -> Enable breadcrumbs support -> Rank Math SEO Breadcrumbs )
  • Support for Post Views counter plugin (WP-PostViews)
  • Sliders now have autoplay option
  • Sticky header height problem
  • Numeric pagination problem
  • Minor styling issues

Version 1.2

  • Another Front Page section to display any custom content (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Front Page)
  • Official support for Co Authors Plus WordPress plugin (for multiple authors on a single post)
  • Official support for WP Forms WordPress plugin
  • Options to display last modified date instead of publish date in post meta (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Options to choose multiple stylings for social sharing in the plugin settings in dashboard (Settings -> Meks Easy Social Share)
  • Options to choose category link as posts meta data element in all layouts (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Post Layouts)
  • WhatsApp and Telegram icons in Social Menu
  • Minor styling issues

Version 1.1.3

Great news! Johannes theme has been awarded the “WP requirements compliance badge” by Envato/ThemeForest, which is a certificate proving that it now meets the highest quality standards in the WordPress ecosystem.
  • A slight code refactoring to meet the highest standards per Envato requirements
  • Introduced CSS classes inside HTML of front page sections for an easier CSS customization
  • Minor styling issues

Version 1.1.2

  • Styling support for Elementor plugin. Now you can use Blank page template and fully customize the page with Elementor as you like.
  • Minor styling issues

Version 1.1.1

  • Styling support for new blocks (introduced in WordPress 5.2)
  • Option to enable/disable Primary category feature from Yoast SEO plugin (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Options to choose social networks for sharing are now located in the plugin settings in dashboard (Appearance -> Customize -> Settings -> Meks Easy Social Share)
  • Possibility to use script tags inside ad slots (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Ads)
  • Minor styling issues

Version 1.1

  • 3 new header layouts which can display an Ad (if provided in ad slots)
  • Option to disable contextual sticky header bar on single posts (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Header -> Sticky Header)
  • Option to control overlay opacity (darkness) for specific layouts which have text over images (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Content Styling)
  • Options to display full content (split with ream-more tag) instead automatic excerpt for Post Layouts A and B (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Post Layouts A,B)
  • Options to content width for Post Layouts A and B (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Post Layouts A,B)
  • Single post Layouts 1 and 2 now display gallery or video blocks instead of the featured image when video or gallery post format is set to specific post
  • A lot of minor styling issues

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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