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Posts Setup

Safarica provides all common WordPress post features and functionality, as well as some more cool features and customization which are described below.

Post Options

For a global setup, navigate to Theme Options -> Single Post and follow provided options.

  • Layout – You can choose whether your single posts will display as full width or with a sidebar.
  • Display options – Just as for blog pages, you can customize display options for single posts.
  • Social share – Choose from a variety of social platforms for post sharing

Once you have checked the post options, you can go and edit each specific post with some more options.

Post Colors

This theme provides a feature to set a specific color for each post. When you are on the single post admin screen, look for a box with name “Colors”.

You have the option to set the specific background and text color for each post which will apply to the post title and post footer as well as for some other meta information connected to a specific post.

Note: By default, “Inherit” checkbox is checked, which means that this post will inherit meta colors from post colors settings defined on global level inside Theme Options -> Colors. So you need to uncheck this field for each post you want to show its original color.

If you don’t want to use the color feature, the best way to do this is to always keep the “Inherit” option checked.

Post Featured Media Display Options

Alongside the common featured image, each post has an option to display a featured video or a featured gallery instead.

Post Featured Video

This theme supports YouTube and Vimeo videos. You just need to paste video ID into a specific field. Also, for a better display within the theme, you can specify the video ratio as well.

Post Featured Gallery

To setup post featured gallery, click on the Add/Edit link, next to the featured gallery option.

The page will open a pop-up window where you can upload/edit your images attached to a specific post.

Note: After the images are uploaded, they are already attached, so avoid clicking “Insert Gallery” button. We don’t want to insert these images into post content, they will be displayed automatically.

Post Sidebars

Just as for each page, you can set a specific sidebar for each post as well.

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