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Besides the standard WordPress widgets, the Safarica theme provides several additional custom made widgets. Widgets that are added to this theme by the Safarica Buddy plugin have a Safarica prefix and widgets added by our plugins have a Meks prefix.

To manage widgets, go to Appearance -> Widgets as shown in the image below.

Added by the Safarica Buddy plugin:

  • Safarica Flickr – You can display your flicker photo-stream with this widget.
  • Safarica Posts – Similar to WordPress post widget but with more options provided, you can choose post only for a specific category and choose your order type. Styled to fit Safarica theme look.
  • Safarica Video – You can easily display YouTube or Vimeo videos with this widget.
  • Safarica Ads – Great solution if you are using advertisement on your website. You have an option to put 150×150 or 300×250 ads here.
  • Safarica Adsense – If you are using Google Adsense, you can put your ad-sense script inside this widget. Actually, not only Google Adsense, you can put any JavaScript related advertising service here.
  • Safarica ThemeForest – You can display your or other users ThemeForest items here, with affiliate links as well.
  • Safarica Social Box – You can use this widget to display up to 40 social icons which this theme supports.
  • Safarica Author – You can use this widget to display author/user profile info.

Added via Meks plugins:

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