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Welcome to the AWSM WordPress theme documentation by Meks.

If you’re having an issue and can’t find the answer here, please contact us via the contact form on and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.
Also, feel free to suggest any new features you may want in this theme and we will consider adding it for the next update(s). Once you have purchased this theme you would have all access to the upcoming theme updates.

We have put a lot of effort into making this theme, so please don’t forget to rate AWSM on ThemeForest if you like it.

Meks Team

Important note:
Documentation is related to this particular theme and explains how to set up and use most of its specific options and features. It does NOT explain how to use WordPress. If you are not familiar with using WordPress itself, we warmly recommend you to first visit and learn from Official WordPress Codex.

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