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Theme options overview

The Pinhole theme comes with a comprehensive options panel, divided into logical sections. In the list below, you can find a short description for each particular section, to have a better picture where to look for a specific option you may need. Almost every option is described in the theme options panel itself.


These are options to personalize the theme by uploading your branding images, i.e. your logo.

Stylings & Colors

This section provides options to manage your theme colors and styling.


These are options to manage your header area, like choosing the desired layout and elements you would like to display.


A place for managing all gallery related default options, for single gallery page as well as other gallery templates.


These are options which will apply to all your blog post templates such as categories, tags, author archives, search results page, etc… Also, there is a dedicated section to manage display options for single post view.


Here you can change footer copyright text.


A place to manage fonts you want to use as well as some other text options, like changing font size, etc…


Here you can find a set of minor options which applies to your website globally.


Easy to use translation panel where you can quickly change or translate all text strings which are displayed on the website front-end.


Increase your website speed as well as save your server resources with these options.

Additional Code

For advanced users, here you can paste additional JavaScript code to modify default theme styling.


A nice tool that you can use to save and backup all your theme options. It can be very useful if you want to copy and import all your options to another site which is using the same theme, i.e when moving your site from localhost to a live server.

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