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Theme Options

The SeaShell theme provides plenty of options divided into several sections. In the list below, we will just give you some good overviews. Almost every specific option is described inline in the Theme Options admin panel.


Here you can find the options which apply to your website globally.


Here you can customize your fonts as well as some text options.


Here you can manage all your website colors.


These are options to style your website header/navigation area.


Here you can manage options for your blog archives and single post templates.


This options will apply to your “Contact” page template. Here you can setup contact form and Google Map.


These are options to style and manage your website header/copyright area.


Here you can find some more options to customize theme minor features.


Easy to use translation panel. Here you can quickly change or translate all the words/strings which displays on the front-end of the theme.


A nice tool that you can use to save and backup all your theme options. It can be very useful if you want to copy and import your option settings to another site which is using the same theme, i.e when moving your site from localhost to live server.

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